11.5.13 – Schedule


Upcoming Events

  • November 9th: Battle of the Boxes team competition in Upland. We have one team registered with Coach John, Dom R., Coach Sarah, and, Carly R. Come out and support the CrownTown athletes.
  • December 7th: Silverfox Masters Compeition in Huntington Beach at Red Wolf CrossFit. Kip F. and Kim W. are both registered to compete in this individual masters compeition.
  • December 14th: CrossFit CrownTown’s Formal Holiday Party. The event will be that Saturday evening from 5-11pm at the Canyon Crest Country Club in Riverside. Tickets are $20 and include dinner, dancing, and raffle prizes. A few open spots are still available. Email Coach Rose at womencf@gmail.com. Also, if you are a business owner and interested in donating items for raffle, please contact Coach Rose.


5:30-6:30am = Women CrossFit

6:30-8:30am = CrossFit open gym hours

9:30-10:30am = Women CrossFit

12-2pm = CrossFit open gym hours

5-6pm = Endurance class / CrossFit Open Gym time

Skill: Every :90 for 10 min sprint 200 meters. If you fall off pace it becomes a 10 min AMRAP.

WOD: 25 min AMRAP of:

10 burpees
20 push-ups
30 abmat sit-ups
40 air squats
:50 planche hold
60 high knees (single count)

6-7pm = Women CrossFit

7-8pm = Quicksilver CrossFit group class / Monday make-up WOD

8-9pm = On-ramp Session #4

*Remember all CrossFit style workouts are scalable and modifiable to each individuals fitness level

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11 Responses to 11.5.13 – Schedule

  1. The Future Mrs Murphy says:

    B. Completed 30#, C. 13:41 Rx, D. Completed, 9 reps Rx, F. Completed

  2. Laci wells says:

    A) 11/5/13,
    B) completed,
    C) 15:23 cheetah kettle bell 26#
    D) completed sprints, got 13 HSPU”,
    E) completed

  3. joe m says:

    11/5/2013,B) completed ,C)11:48RX,D)completed got 2 hspu lost balance. ,

  4. Laci wells says:

    Did HSPU Rx’d

  5. A) 11/5/13,B) complete,C) 13:30 17# ,D) complete 2 hspu 2 abmat ,E) complete

  6. Joseph DiNieri says:

    B. Completed #45s
    C. 13:44 RX
    D. 22 HSPU
    E. Completed

  7. Sarah Lewis says:

    B completed
    C 10:44 26#
    D completed 16 hspu RX
    E completed

  8. Randy Lewis says:

    B. Completed
    C. 11:41 Green KB
    D. Completed / 7 HSPU
    E. Completed

  9. Eric H says:

    B) completed
    C) 14:37. 44lb KB
    D) completed 7 HSPU
    E) completed

  10. kipfield says:

    a) 11/5/2013
    b) completed
    c) 19:27 rx
    d) completed – 8 HSPU
    e) completed

  11. Bobbi Medlen says:

    B. Completed
    C. 15:14 – alternated pink & cheetah
    D. Completed. 2

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