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Please join me in welcoming CrownTown’s newest addition to the coaching staff. Mr. John Luke Rizk. We are excited to be adding Coach John along with his infectious enthusiasm to our team of world class coaches. He’s also been given the title of, The Director of Social Media, so you’ll start to see a boost in activity and creative exposure, as it relates to all Social Media outlets. ~ WW

Coach’s Page

Coach John Luke has been devoted to fitness and nutrition for the past six years, and has played numerous sports all his life. Two years ago he discovered CrossFit to be the most challenging and rewarding fitness program out there. During his CrossFit training he found that not only was he benefitting himself, but also enjoying encouraging others to reach their fitness goals. He decided to take it the next level, and got his CrossFit Level One certification. He is now coaching at CrownTown, under the guidance and direction of Wayne Willette, while currently studying nutrition in college. Every day he works to broaden his ability to inform, motivate, and drive people to reach their personal fitness and health goals.

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