9.10.13 – Schedule


Results from the second go around of “The Killer B’s” workout. Nice work and thanks for the effort!

Upcoming Events

  • September 14th: Dynamic Duo competition put on by Legendary Competitor is being held at Cal State Dominguez in Carson, Ca. There is a $10,000 cash purse for the winners of the RX Division. CrownTown has three teams competing at the venue. Brothers, Nick D. and Joe D. are one team, Coach WW and a training partner from LA are another team, and brothers, Calvin B. and Brandon B. are another team.
  • September 28th: Saturday workout at Santana Park in Corona at 7:30am followed by Kickball games and a community picnic


6:30-9:30am = CrossFit open gym hours

Suggested strength workout

9:30-10:30am = Women CrossFit

12-1:30pm = CrossFit open gym hours

5-6pm = Endurance class / CrossFit Open Gym time

Endurance skill:

Discuss importance of crash and burn workouts for faster running
Calculate 400 meter pace, then increase up to 5%.

Endurance WOD:

400 meter run at increased pace
6 rounds
2 min rest in between rounds
7 burpee penalty per round when you fall off pace.

Cool down:

Jog 1 mile

6-7pm = Women CrossFit

7-8pm = Quicksilver CrossFit group class / Monday make-up WOD

8-9pm = On-ramp Session #1

*Remember all CrossFit style workouts are scalable and modifiable to each individuals fitness level

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