8.29.13 – WOD


You saw the before pic, you saw the 22nd hour pic, now here is the final pic after the 24th workout. Happy to be done. Unforgettable times. Recap post coming soon.

MWOD for Thursday at 8:30am with Coach Denise.

***ATTN ALL MEMBERS: Monday, September 2nd is Labor Day. The gym is closed Monday, however. Please make a point to participate in Saturday’s hero WOD, “Hotshots 19”. You may come at either 7:30am or 8:15am. Donations are encouraged, but not required. Click here for additional information.

***ATTN ALL PARENTS***Kids Strength & Conditioning is every Friday at 5pm. It will be an ongoing program. Punch cards of 10 sessions for $100 are available for purchase. Ages 6-13 years old will be eligible for the program. Instill the benefits of an active and healthy lifestyle with your kids now!

Upcoming Events

  • August 31st: The Summer Shakedown in Huntington Beach is a team competition. We have one team registered so far with Garrett M., Spencer M., Carly R., and, Melissa I. Make sure you mark your calendar to come support CrownTown’s community.
  • September 14th: Dynamic Duo competition put on by Legendary Competitor is being held at Cal State Dominguez in Carson, Ca. There is a $10,000 cash purse for the winners of the RX Division. CrownTown has three teams competing at the venue. Brothers, Nick D. and Joe D. are one team, Coach WW and a training partner from LA are another team, and brothers, Calvin B. and Brandon B. are another team.

Thursday & Friday


Strength: EMOM for 10 minutes, perform:

1 Cluster (Squat Clean to Thruster)
1 Thruster

WOD: For time:

Run 300 Yards
21 Thrusters, 115/75 pounds
21 Chest to Bar Pull-ups
Run 200 Yards
15 Thrusters, 115/75 pounds
15 Chest to Bar Pull-ups
Run 100 Yards
9 Thrusters, 115/75 pounds
9 Chest to Bar Pull-ups

*NOTE: this WOD has a 18 minute time cap

Cool down: Group stretching

Post results to comments and www.BeyondTheWhiteBoard.com

BaseFit: In 5 minutes for 3 rounds:

Run 400 meters
21 Burpees
Max Pull-ups

Rest 1 minute after each round, then:

In 3 minutes for 3 rounds:

Run 200 meters
21 Empty Barbell Thrusters
Max HR Push-ups

Rest 1 minute

*NOTE: score is sum of total pull-ups plus total HR push-ups

*Remember all CrossFit style workouts are scalable and modifiable to each individuals fitness level

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