WOD 4 J-ROD (24 WODs in 24 Hours)


Participants will complete 24 workouts in 24 hours beginning on August 24th at 6am. On the hour every hour until August 25th at 6am there will be a workout. The 7th workout on the 7th hour will be a special Hero WOD designed specifically for J-Rod and the Seven Stars Foundation. During this 24 hour period, the gym is only open for this event. Anyone is welcome to come hang out, watch, support, or cheer the participants on while they endure this challenge in honor of J-Rod and the rest of the Seven Stars.

CrownTown always supports our military and first responders. Especially the ones that gave their lives to help protect our freedom. We have hosted some charity events in the past, but this will be the inaugural WOD 4 J-Rod. CrownTown community members, Brandon Becerra, Calvin Becerra and Nate Chabolla all went to college with J-Rod.

Here are some parameters on the event:

– $100 registration fee includes tee-shirt, athlete bag & endless bulletproof coffee during event and a portion of all fees will be donated to The Seven Stars Foundation (registration is open)

– cannot leave the gym for entire event

– for every WOD not finished there will be a penalty of $20

– 20 people cap

Prerequisites for entry:

1) kipping pull-ups
2) RX push-ups
3) double unders
4) Muscle-ups
6) Ring Dips RX
7) able to handle majority of CrownTown wods as RX
8) rope climbs

If you meet all the above criteria, you will be more eligible for one of the twenty limited spots vs someone who doesn’t. Regardless, if you are interested don’t assume you won’t get in. Take the time to express your interest and we’ll let you know.

– Text Coach WW to register for the event.


Jared Landaker (J-ROD) Biography

Jared Michael-Vincent Landaker was born to Joe and Laura Landaker at their home in Madera, CA on May 3, 1981. Jared attended school in Big Bear Valley where he excelled in soccer, baseball, and football. In his 1998 season, he was chosen as all CIF defensive back for the Big Bear High School Bears and was selected to play in Hawaii his senior year. Upon graduation from high school, Jared enrolled at the University of La Verne in California where he graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Physics.

After the 9-11 attack, Jared felt a sense of duty and elected to OCS in the United States Marine Corps upon graduation. While attending college, Jared began to take Platoon Leaders Courses on his summer break between his Junior and Senior years of college. Following graduation in 2003, Jared accepted his Commission in the United States Marines as a 2nd Lt. and began his training in Quantico, Virginia at The Basic School.

Upon completion of TBS, Jared transferred to Pensacola, Florida for flight school, where he excelled and graduated at the top of his class. Jared completed school by being named in the top 5% of all students and a position on the Commodore’s list. During his time at flight school, Jared opted to fly helicopters instead of flying jets. He stated “he wanted to fly Marines in, but more importantly fly them out”. Jared reported to Camp Pendleton, California to train in the CH-46 medium helicopter with Squadron HMMT-164. After completion of his training, he reported to HMM-364, the “World Famous Purple Foxes” where he also became their S2 (Officer Intelligence Officer).


24 wods in 24 hours

On August 18, 2006, Lt. Landaker deployed to the Al Anbar Province in Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. While there, Lt. Landaker would complete his HAC qualification early with a total of 496 hours to become a “Helicopter Aircraft Commander”. Jared was selected to depart Iraq early to attend Weapons and Tactical School (Also known as Top Gun School) in Yuma, AZ for training as a WTI Instructor.

With only a week left in Iraq, his crewmembers received a call that three Marines were wounded and needed a Cas-e-Vac flight. With his flight crew and Corpsmen on board, they picked up the wounded and delivered them to Balad Hospital. Upon the return flight to their base, they were requested to pick up some blood and transport it to the hospital in Fallujah. During this flight they received machine gun fire and rocket fire resulting in the downing of the helicopter and killing all on board. On February 7, 2007, Lt. Jared M. Landaker and his crew of six were KIA in Karmah, Iraq. On February 17, 2007, Jared was laid to rest at the Riverside Veterans Cemetery in Riverside, CA. His father, Joe, a Vietnam Marine stated “”He did more in 25 years than most of us will do in 75 years.”

Seven Stars Foundation

The purpose of this Foundation is to make a positive impact on the children of both the Wounded and the Fallen military members through financial, emotional, and educational assistance. The Seven Stars Foundation, Inc. sponsors these children to a local YMCA camp in Big Bear Lake, CA to help them establish lasting bonds with other grieving children. The Seven Stars Foundation, Inc. “Will Never Forget” the sacrifices made by the men and women who have served or are serving our country. The Seven Stars Foundation, Inc. was established on February 7, 2007 in honor of Morphine one-two, a US Marine Corps CH-46 Casevac helicopter, that was shot down during their mission in the Al Anbar Province of Iraq, killing all seven crew members on board. This foundation was established that day to carry on the mission of these crew members.

The Foundation was named after a poem that was written about this day and the crew by Jared’s cousin Layne Clifton, in which he entitled it “Seven Stars”. Through the dedication and commitment associated with this Foundation, we will be true to our motto “We will never forget”.

Seven Stars Poem

On the seventh of February,
Seven stars fell from grace.
And the angels cried for seven days,
When they saved you from this place.
The duality of perfection, has never so clear,
Then on that tragic day,
When we lost what we hold dear.
I can still see your face, it is as clear as stone,
And I can feel your presence here, when I am alone.
If we could all be a little like you,
There would be nothing left for us.
For we would have everything, and
We would live for what we love.
You were a savior, for you saved so many lives.
And you were a martyr, because you defended until you died.
And you were a hero, because you did what we could not. And you were a champion, and you will never be forgot.


1ST Lieutenant Jared M. Landaker
Capt. Jennifer J. Harris
Cpl. Thomas E.Saba
Sgt. James E. Tijerina
HM1 Gilbert Minjares Jr.
Sgt. Travis j. Pfister
HM3 Manuel Antonio Ruiz

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