1.23.13 – WOD & Contest begins

I apologize for the late post. Tuesday’s are a busy day for me and I coach late, so I try to get the posts out earlier. Obviously, I didn’t have a chance today until now. And I’m going to make it quick since my alarm is set for 4am to coach the early classes tomorrow. Anyhow, I have been wanting to do this contest for awhile now. We have A LOT of women who meet the requirements to enter the contest.

Contest is to see who the next woman at CrossFit CrownTown will be that performs a ring muscle-up for their first time. Winner will get a pair of custom Reebok CrossFit Nanos, or, custom Reebok CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting shoes. It starts now. It ends when the first woman wins. 3-2-1-GO!

My two cents when practicing this movement is to not over think it. Realistically, a muscle-up is not an advanced gymnastics movement. For CrossFit it may seem that way, but like I mention in the video it’s a kipping pull-up, and an unassisted ring dip with a little bit of technique in between. Perfect practice makes perfect, not just practice. Watch this video, watch it again, replay the slow motion parts, and perfect practice every chance you get. It will happen. I’m looking forward to watching all of our strong beautiful women work towards their first muscle-up.

Click here for much more information/videos/etc regarding the muscle-up. And, remember that luck is inconsistent and skill is always there. Good skill, ladies! ~ WW


***ATTN ALL CROWNTOWN MEMBERS – We are adding another program. A Yoga class focusing solely on increasing your flexibility. Also, breathing exercises to strengthen your diaphragm. Both of these skill sets are great compliments to CrossFit training. They will help you recover from previous workouts and also allow you to achieve new range of motion during your WODs, which will increase strength and performance. We are very excited to be adding this program for all CrossFit members. This class will be instructed by Lauren Lujan every Thursday at 8am, and additionally, two Friday’s per month at 5pm beginning February 7th. The class will be 45-60 minutes in duration. Cost = $0 for all CrossFit members. You read that right. Another perk for CrownTown members I highly suggest you take advantage of.

***ATTN ALL WOMEN – CrownTown has a new program for you. We just added another program option. Evenings of Tuesday & Friday at 6pm. This new schedule starts on Tuesday, February 12th. Contact us for a spot in the class. Click on the link for more info. Women CrossFit

***ATTN ALL CROWNTOWN MEMBERS – We are adding another program. An Endurance class focusing solely on increasing your endurance. It is not CrossFit. Rather, an hour class focused on sharpening your running mechanics and increasing your running endurance. This group is being coached by Coach Sarah, and, programmed by Coach Sarah & WW. It will start on Tuesday, February 5th at 5pm. The group will meet weekly on Tuesdays from 5-6pm. Cost = $0 for all CrossFit members. That’s right an added perk that I suggest all of you take advantage of. Another day of coaching and training for FREE.

Upcoming Events

  • February 2nd: Legendary Competitor’s NLI Dynasty Series I in Orange County. Ryan O. is registered to compete in his first competition.
  • February 23rd: Legendary Competitor’s Diamond in the Tough masters competition. Paula H., Errol T., and, Kip F. Are registered for this competition.



For time:

10 Burpees
20 Pull-ups
30 Walking Lunge Steps
40 Dumbbell Push Press
50 Sit-ups
60 Double Unders
70 Supermen
80 Mountain Climbers
90 Jumping Jacks
100 meter Sprint

*NOTE: this WOD has a 30 minute time cap


“CrossFit Total”

– 12 minutes to find a 1RM Back squat
– 12 minutes to find a 1RM Shoulder Press
– 12 minutes to find a 1RM Deadlift

Post results to comments and www.BeyondTheWhiteBoard.com

Cool down: 2 minute ABMAT challenge (must touch TOES)

*Remember all CrossFit style workouts are scalable and modifiable to each individuals fitness level

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