And the winner is…

First place: $500 cash, 1 month FREE membership: Nick DiNieri

Second place: $150 cash, 1 FREE product from SFH: Lyndy Lewis

Third place: $100 cash, 1 FREE item of CrownTown apparel: Kim Wisnia

Okay,…first off congratulations to all of the participants. As always, whether you win the challenge, are a finalist or just a contestant you all win. There were many success stories of people who lost a ton of fat and gained a lot of muscle. There were also some amazing differences in pics from people who weren’t a finalist. Unfortunately for them, they didn’t have the whole package that our finalists did. Although, I’m confident that everyone gained some knowledge and created some good lifestyle habits to support their goals of being fit and healthy.

Furthermore, I appreciate everyone’s patience, as it relates to the amount of time it took from the end of the challenge until I got this post out. 24 days to be exact. Partly due to a lot going on with different competitions/events at the gym and normal life. However, mostly due to how detailed I was in tabulating the final results. Keep in mind that there were roughly 40 people who started the challenge. There were four different scoring categories for me to collect data on in considering who the three finalist were. I had to create spreadsheets to make sure there were no errors and the three finalist were deserving of the title.

Firstly, there was beginning body fat percentage and ending body fat percentage. To make this category fair, I sorted the data based on the percentage of what they lost from where they started. Example: someone who started with 40% body fat and then got down to 20% was scored the same as someone who started with 20% and got down to 10% (50% loss overall). This way it levels the playing field to not favor the individual that has more fat to lose, which some would argue is easier to do.

Second category was lean mass gain. Although, nutrition can reduce the amount of body fat you have it can NOT help you gain lean mass (aka muscle). That is gained through consistently CrossFitting. I added this category to reward the individuals that put in the hard work at the gym and to motivate them to show up consistently throughout the challenge. This was scored simply by how much the individual gained in terms of pounds.

Then, we had the nutrition log. It makes a difference when you write down everything you eat. It holds you accountable on a daily basis and also makes you think twice before eating something not good knowing that you have to log it. Some individuals had a text-book perfect nutrition log. Every single bite they took for 60 days. Including fish oil, supplements, how much water they drank, how much sleep they got the night before, what time they ate, amounts, etc. etc. I scored this on a curve. Best being a score of five (5) worst being a score of zero (0). Five was the description I gave above. Zero would be they didn’t submit one.

Last, but definitely not least, the before/after photos. I ranked these in my own personal opinion amongst their peers based on the biggest difference visually from where they started and where they ended up. Nothing at all to do with any other category. Simply how big of a change did they make visually in 60 days. First place got one point, second place got two points, third got three points and so on.

Based on all of the aforementioned, I present to you the three finalist for the Nutrition Challenge II. It is up to you to decide who wins. This is NOT a popularity contest. I don’t care who your friends are. If you are going to vote, please make your decision based on who you believe deserves to win based on the information provided. Besides, a decision is only as good as the facts are in front of you. The finalist are not in any particular order. At this point they are all on an even playing field. Please review the remainder of this post. Voting instructions are at the very bottom. Thank you for taking the time to vote. These three people literally changed their lives in 60 days. This is a big deal to them. The least you could do is take one minute to vote. Oh, and here are the prizes up for grabs:

First place: $500 cash, 1 month FREE membership

Second place: $150 cash, 1 FREE product from SFH

Third place: $100 cash, 1 FREE item of CrownTown apparel

Finalist number one is Nick DiNieri. Nick started with 11% body fat and ended at 7%. He also gained two pounds of pure muscle. His nutrition log was impeccable.

Finalist number two is Lyndy Lewis. Lyndy started with 26.8% bodyfat and ended with 20.7%. She also gained 2.9 pounds of pure muscle. Her nutrition log was impeccable.

Finalist number three is Kim Wisnia. Kim started with 36.5% bodyfat and ended with 28.7%. She also gained 4.6 pounds of pure muscle. Her nutrition log was impeccable.

Here are the before and after pics for all three finalists. The top is Nick, middle are Lyndy’s and bottom are Kim’s. Click on the images to enlarge.

To vote simply either comment on this post (this will be public) or send me an email to (this will be private). Subject of email should be ‘vote’ and just put the person’s name in the body of the email. Do NOT text me your vote. If you do it won’t count. I can’t scroll through my text for a week to add up votes. Email or comment on this post are your options. Voting will close Friday night at midnight (technically Saturday, November 10). Once again thank you for your vote! – WW

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11 Responses to And the winner is…

  1. Brittney Pore says:

    My vote is for Nick DiNieri.

  2. CWH says:

    Without taking anything from the other two candidates because they all show obvious dedication and amazing progress. I must vote Nick. Core looks great..! I hope that all 3 stay encouraged that they look amazing!! Keep up the good work.

    Great job coach! Even though it is primary that the athlete must want it, the value of a true leader as a coach is priceless.


  3. janeff1181 says:

    I would like to vote for Nick DiNieri

  4. vinatalley says:

    Wow. Everyone looks great. Wayne is there anyway that we could see logs so that we can have a great example of what our day of eating should look like?? Thanks in advance.

    Sent from Vina Talley’s iPhone. God Bless and have a great day. 🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄

  5. G says:

    Job well done everyone! My vote is for Nick.

  6. Mary Milosevich says:

    All three finalists show significant improvement….the Nutrition Challenge definitely paid off. My #1 vote is for Nick and his new 6-pak.

  7. NicK. Legit

  8. kena4 says:


  9. Henrik says:

    Lyndy for me.

    Nick did good, but he is a seasoned athlete from yesteryear, thus making it easier for him to get
    “it” back.

  10. Nicole says:


  11. WW says:

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