9.24.12 – WOD


Supermen going down last Friday morning at 6:30am during the “Six Three Ohhh” class.

It’s not what you know; it’s what you use that makes a difference. -Zig Ziglar

19 DAYS UNTIL THE NUTRITION CHALLENGE IS OVER!!! Over $1,000 in cash/prizes.

October 12th: Fitness Wave will be here Friday evening for the follow-up dunk. This date marks the end of the challenge. If you know you can’t make this date, please click on the link and schedule your follow up dunk directly with Fitness Wave ahead of time, as close to this date as possible.

October 13th: NLI “Warrior Soul Series” II – This is a CrossFit competition with three different divisions plus a masters division.

December 1st – or -2nd: Spartan Race. I’m going to do this event on Sunday. It would be cool to have more people from CrownTown join me. You can have teams where they take the top 4 times from each team and rank you against all other teams. Click here for more info. Please let me know before you register so I can create the team and you can join it.

December 8th: NLI “Warrior Soul Series” III – This is a CrossFit competition with three different divisions plus a masters division.


I went to a Brazilian restaurant in LA last month and they served this kind of water. Every time you finished a pitcher they would replace it with a different flavored one. The owner stopped by our table and she told us that she got the idea from her mom. When she was a kid she hated drinking water, so her mom would “spice” it up to get her to drink it. Needless to say, it worked! Remember, hydration is key. Especially, in our climate. Make it your goal to drink one ounce of water per pound of bodyweight daily. I hope this helps. – WW

BaseFit: “Stations”

3 rounds of –

:90 max Calories on Rower
:90 Planche hold (this is considered your rest)
:90 max Wall Balls
:90 hold plate overhead (this is considered your rest), 45/25 pounds
:90 max Pull-ups
:90 in bottom of squat (as low as you can go – if you are flexible this will be easy)


SWOD: Back Squats (the style we learned last Monday to make you better at Olympic weightlifting – in fact – all of your squats should be this way, i.e., air, front, OH, wall balls, back, etc.) build up in weight for sets of 3, when it gets heavier go to sets of 2, then keep adding weight and do sets of 1. Then go back down the same way you came up. If you hit a new 1RM great, but it’s not the ultimate goal. We will do this again. Keep track of loads in BTWB to monitor progress.



Post results to comments and www.BeyondTheWhiteBoard.com

Cool down: couch stretch 4 minutes each side

*Remember all CrossFit style workouts are scalable and modifiable to each individuals fitness level

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