7.23.12 – WOD


CrossFit CrownTown had some friends from DTLA visit on Thursday. Ronnie Teasdale and Andrea Ager worked out with Nico and I. We did some deadlifts, RDLs, pull-ups, Hand release clapping push-ups, KB Snatches and Box Jump-Overs. Good times! – WW

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Upcoming Events

July 28th: Team Competition.Click on this link for details. We have 3 teams registered and 12 athletes. The event sold out in 30 minutes. Mark your calendars. Spectators are free and it’s at The Rose Bowl in Pasadena on July 28th.

August 4th: 31 Heroes WOD. This is a Saturday. Last year we hosted this WOD. We will be doing it again. Make sure you visit the site to learn about the cause. A small donation of $31 to get a tee shirt and do an awesome WOD for a great cause.

September 3rd – Labor Day: Race to the Top of Mount Baldy. 7 mile trail run from 6,000′-10,000′ elevation. I’m registering for this race. I’d be stoked if anyone would like to join me from CrownTown.

December 1st – or -2nd: Spartan Race. I’m going to do this event on Sunday. It would be cool to have more people from CrownTown join me. You can have teams where they take the top 4 times from each team and rank you against all other teams. Click here for more info. Please let me know before you register so I can create the team and you can join it.


SWOD: EMOM for 10 minutes perform – 1 Power Snatch, 1 Hang Squat Snatch, 1 Overhead Squat. Reps must be done as a complex. Meaning bar leaves ground on Power Snatch and does not touch ground until after the completion of the Overhead Squat. Choose your own load. Go as heavy as possible while maintaining good mechanics.

WOD: For time:
100 Squats
15 foot Rope climb, 4 ascents
75 Squats
15 foot Rope climb, 3 ascents
50 Squats
15 foot Rope climb, 2 ascents
25 Squats
15 foot Rope climb, 1 ascents

*this WOD has a 15 minute time cap

Post results to comments and www.BeyondTheWhiteBoard.com

Cool down: Tabata side plank (alternate sides)

*Remember all CrossFit style workouts are scalable and modifiable to each individuals fitness level

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