5.21.12 – WOD

This video was taken 2 1/2 years ago (1 year into CrossFit). It’s actually the last time I did the original “Fran”. Since then I have done many different variations of “Fran” (dumbbells, heavy version, chest-to-bar pull-up version, etc.). Watching this video gives me butterflies. We have yet to do the workout that is synonymous with CrossFit. I feel bad that when other CrossFit friends ask you what your “Fran” time is and your response is that you’ve never done it. Well, you will have an answer for them now. Eat well on Sunday. Monday you will be doing “Fran”. – WW

Upcoming Events

June 23: NLI & Legendary Competitor present “Iron Will III”. A fitness competition with three divisions plus a masters division. This venue is in Orange County at Laguna Beach High School. Click on this link for more info and to register. I anticipate having a dozen or more CrownTown’ers doin’ work at this event. We currently have Nick B., Yvette M., Leilani V., Kalena A., Melissa J., Vinny P., Joe D. and Tommie D. registered to compete. There are a few others on the wait list, too. **update** be prepared to utilize open gym hours for an extra WOD designed to specifically address the movements that have been released. – WW

July 28: Team Competition. 1 team = 2 men & 2 women and we can have as many teams from our gym as needed. Registration opens Monday, May 21st. Spectators are free. Click on this link for details.


SWOD: Wendler Week 4 (deload) Push Press

WOD: “Fran”

For time – 21-15-9 of:

Thrusters, 95/65 Pounds

Post results to comments and www.BeyondTheWhiteBoard.com

Cool down: Tabata Hollow Rocks

*Remember all CrossFit style workouts are scalable and modifiable to each individuals fitness level

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