And the winner is…

Based on the votes that came in over the past week, here is how the finalists ranked:

1st place: Nate C.
2nd place: Jeff C.
3rd place: Chrissie C.

Winners will be contacted directly to receive their prizes. Congratulations to the winners and all finalists. Thank you to everyone who voted. A special thanks to all participants. Hopefully, some great lifestyle habits were established. I look forward to organizing the next Nutrition Challenge soon. In the mean time, keep training dirty and eating clean! – WW

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First off, I’d like to start by saying congratulations to all of the participants involved with our first nutrition challenge. I’d venture to say that regardless of who actually wins the challenge, you are all winners in some way, shape or form (no pun intended). Let’s go over some of the numbers; We had 25 participants (at the time of involvement was about 33% of our membership base) who averaged a loss of 4.87% body fat. Stop and think about that for a second. Based on the average body weight for each participant, that is about 9 pounds of pure fat lost each, or 225 pounds of pure fat combined. WOW! Here is a pic of 5 pounds of pure fat, so if you can imagine almost two of these per person, or a total of 45 of these lost between the 25 contestants:

Now do you agree how we all won something? I was also amazed at how much lean mass was gained, too. Although this wasn’t a component of the challenge, it was still very impressive to see how people’s bodies responded so positively to the change in nutrition habits. It just solidifies how proper nutrition promotes increased muscle development and decreased body fat.

As for the challenge, we took 60 days to test four components of equal value to come up with five finalists (I initially said there would be three finalists, but I decided to make that five after analyzing all of the data. It was too hard to make a decision. So, you decide):

  1. Decrease in body fat percentage measured via the most accurate testing method (hydrostatic). Once on the day the challenge started and again on the day the challenge ended.
  2. Increase in work capacity measured by repeating the same workout performed on the day the challenge began and then again on the final day of the challenge (participants had no idea the first time they performed the workout that they would be repeating it, so this took any gaming out of the equation). Results were compared.
  3. Nutrition logging. How well did the participants document their intake? How detailed were they? Did they indicate they cheated? etc.
  4. Before and after picture. Who had the biggest change?

Now, I’m going to present to you the finalists in the order of how well they scored overall in the four aforementioned components:

1. Nate Chabolla

2. Jaime Gonzalez

3. Chrissie Cacao

4. Jeff Cariker

5. Jenn Covey

Above are all of the before and after pics from each angle (front, back & side). Rank the participants based on who you believe made the biggest change. That is 25% of their overall score. Furthermore, here are the other factors to consider their overall ranking (click on the below links):

Please note that all of the finalists received a 1st place in their nutrition logging. They all did an excellent job utilizing BTWB to log their intake, hydration, etc. Given the fact that they all followed directions in this regard, I gave them a 1st place. Now you have all of the same data that I looked at in order to select who you think deserves to win. With the information you have been provided, please leave a comment at the bottom of this post with your vote. Just one vote per person. I’m only interested in your top pick. Not who was a close second, or any other place. In your opinion, who won? If you want to remain anonymous, you can also send me an email to Voting will close one week from today, Friday, April 20th, 2012. I will talley the votes up next weekend and announce the winners on the following Monday. Here are the prizes:

1st place: $150 cash, $50 bottle of SFH Fish Oil, One Free month of their CrownTown membership and One Free piece of apparel

2nd place: $50 cash

3rd place: $30 cash

4th & 5th place: $10 cash (each)

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