2012 Reebok CrossFit Games – The Open recap

I’d like to start off by saying thanks to the 47 athletes that participated in The Open this year from our gym. I commend you for having the courage to get involved. Every single one of you stepped out of your comfort zone and put forth a 100% effort for the past five weeks. Because of that you are all better. It’s safe to say the environment we created gave us all some anxiety. We faced it, learned how to deal with our adrenaline and as a result are that much tougher. Besides the intangible aspects that we improved about ourselves (effectively dealing with adrenaline, gained mental strength, strived under pressure, pushed our bodies past our minds), the reason why I wanted you all to jump onboard proved to be true at the end of the day. For some, it helped us stay focused during the nutrition challenge knowing how proper nutrition leads to increased performance in the workouts. For others, it was getting redemption from last year and just RX’ing all of the WODs. I can name at least 10 people that due to being forced to go RX did their first unassisted kipping pull-up, PR’d their snatch, PR’d their clean, PR’d their “Karen” time while being judged and having a 1′ higher target, did their first muscle-up and the list goes on. It brought our community closer. And, for all of these reasons and more it’s the same thing that will motivate me to encourage every single one of you to get involved again next year. Hopefully, you can share your successes with some of the newer members to give them an incentive for next year.

Furthermore, our team finished in 55th place in the SoCal Region. The top 30 progress to the Regional competition. We missed it this year, but we’ll be much more developed next year and I’m confident that we will have what it takes to get a team qualified. We can’t forget that we’ve only been working together for seven months. All the gyms that qualified have years of experience and hundreds of athletes at their gym. We made a splash and next year those splashes will be waves. Top 30 in 2013 is CrownTown’s goal!

Lastly, I hope I will be fortunate enough to have you all present at this year’s regional competition. Whether it is for one day, or all three the support will be much appreciated. I’ve earned a spot to compete at the next level finishing 12th out of 3,200. Now my goal is to compete against the top 60 in the region for 1 of 3 precious spots to the finals at The Home Depot Center, The Reebok CrossFit Games of 2012. I know hearing your voices and seeing your faces during the difficult moments of the WOD will give me the strength to endure anything. CrownTown’ians let’s unite. This is your chance to yell at me, since I’m always yelling at you! – WW

Click on this link to purchase tickets for the Regional competition.

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