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A sick shot of Nick Benavides doing a handstand in Maui, HI. I love seeing members display their fitness all over the world. Going on vacation? Send me pics!

Day #11 of the 60 day nutrition challenge. I’ve had a chance to review the majority of your nutrition logs and have publicly displayed my comments on Facebook. Some of you I am very impressed with how you have stuck to the plan and are following through with all of the guidance I have given you. Others have done well, but still have a lot of room for improvement. I warned you about how you’d feel during this reprogramming process. You shouldn’t be surprised. Also, this is a challenge. Challenges are supposed to be easy. You all have the mental strength to endure a one hour high intensity workout. Now use that mental strength and apply it to your nutrition. You’re almost past this temporary setback. Think of it as one step back and two steps forward. – WW

Another quick note to all members. We are growing, classes are approaching capacity and these are all good things that I am very thankful for. However, when we have classes that are back to back it is important that we honor the class that is working out by making certain we are out of their way during their WOD. That means if one person is still finishing the WOD and fifteen are finished we stay out of the main floor space. You may sit in the break room, on a bench next to the wall or stand outside until they are finished. We hold a high standard at CrownTown for quality training. This is one thing I ask you to help me out in so we can respect each member’s space when it matters most. I appreciate you being sensitive to this request. – WW

Upcoming Events

February 22, 2012: 2012 Reebok CrossFit Games season begins. February 1st registration opens. I’m going to recommend that ALL CrownTown members enter the worldwide competition. Here are the reasons why, 1) you get to see where you rank in your region, 2) you get to see where you rank in the world, 3) you get to see where you rank in your age group, 4) your results could benefit the affiliate team for CrownTown, 5) the workouts will be part of CrownTown’s normally scheduled WODs anyway. Reasons why not, 1) it costs $10 (unless they change it from last year). 5:1 pros to cons.

January 21-March 23, 2012: CrossFit CrownTown Nutrition Challenge I. Remember to share recipes on the special page and turn in your nutrition logs. Also, please use your Beyond The Whiteboard account as your nutrition log. I can view, leave comments and suggestions without you having to write anything down either.


Open Gym schedule:


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On- Ramp Session #8:


*Remember all CrossFit style workouts are scalable and modifiable to each individuals fitness level

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