11.8.11 – Open Gym Schedule


Meet another CrossFit CrownTown athlete. Brett will be competing this Saturday at the NLI. He recently qualified for the Advanced Division at the OC Throwdown and just got the news he passed his CrossFit Level One Trainer Certification all while on vacation in New York. By the way, he is a firefighter in Corona and his wife is 6 months pregnant with their first child. We had a chance to ask him a few questions. Here was the interview:

CFCT: How old are you?
Brett: 25.

CFCT: How long have you been CrossFitting?
Brett: I have been CrossFitting 2 years.

CFCT: What drives you to compete?
Brett: Well, sometimes my wife drives me, but other times I drive myself….just kidding.
I compete because I have the constant need to challenge myself.

CFCT: What’s your favorite CrossFit WOD? And why?
Brett: My favorite CrossFit WOD is any hero WOD because I really like the mental aspect of fighting through longer WODs that have demanding movements.

CFCT: What’s your least favorite CrossFit WOD? And why?
Brett: My least favorite WOD is any mono structural distance of 5k or greater because if I haven’t escaped my predator, or captured my prey by then, then something has gone terribly wrong.

CFCT: What’s something interesting about you that CFCT and it’s members may not know about you?
Brett: Something that you may not know about me is I secretly have an addiction to doing things that make me uncomfortable. For example, I often take ice cold showers, submerge myself in ice baths, or fast for up to 24 hours. I believe if you have a fear, you should run head first toward it. This is something I constantly want to improve my ability to do.

I’d like to add that CrossFit CrownTown enjoys having Brett as part of the family. His positive attitude and relentless work ethic are great attributes to the community. I (WW) enjoy getting the chance to train with him as much as possible and pushing ourselves to improve daily. Something you also may not realize is Brett was out for 5 months with a torn Achilles and has only been back at it since we opened. At 25 years old and with his dedication the competition scene should keep an eye on Brett.

Open Gym Schedule

6:30am-9:30am Open Gym
1pm-2:30pm Open Gym
5:30pm-7pm Open Gym


7pm-8pm Session #2

Here are the team names and Team Leaders:

1) CrownTown Six Three Ohh! – Joe Merriam
2) BreakFast Club – Scott Freedland
3) WOD Warriors – Paula Halstead
4) Down & Dirty 5:30 – Vinny Pizzo
5) Jerks & Snatches – Kyle Bailes


*Remember all CrossFit style workouts are scalable and modifiable to each individuals fitness level

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