10.25.11 – Max Effort Day 3

Watch this world record deadlift of 1008#s

Now I better not see this kind of form tomorrow. Keep those backs straight, those cores tight and don’t forget to prep those torsos before you decend to pick the bar up. When you’re performing a 1RM deadlift expect the bar to move slow, but stick with it, keep good mechanics and pull it up! I look forward to high fiving all the PRs tomorrow!

***News*** 3 rowers will be delivered to the gym tomorrow. Also, protein and fish oils from SFH will be here and in stock by Friday.

We’re having shirts made at the moment and we’ll be able to have them by the 12/10 NLI competition at OC Fairgrounds. Get ready to support our athletes and represent CrownTown as the #1 CrossFit gym in the Inland Empire. Blue, white, gray, tri-blend, poly and v-necks will be available.

Last bit of news, make sure you wish our very own Brett Panceroff good skill, as this weekend he’s going for his CrossFit Level One Trainer Certification. CrossFit CrownTown looks forward to having Brett coaching classes soon! #nopressure


12/3 “Battle of the boxes” http://www.battleoftheboxes.com/

12/10 NLI competition www.nextlevelinvitational.com

Holiday party on a Friday night in December. TBD


“Max Effort Day 3”

Strength component: build up to a 1RM deadlift

Gymnastics component: max effort L-sit

Endurance/mono structural component: 1 mile run TT

Post results to comments and www.beyondthewhiteboard.com

*Remember all CrossFit style workouts are scalable and modifiable to each individuals fitness level

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