BaseFit & Open Gym Schedule

Monday night's BaseFit group



What is BaseFit? BaseFit is a similar regimen to CrossFit, in that, it’s a functional fitness program, executed at high intensity and incorporating all ten aspects of fitness while being performed in a group setting. However, the classes are shorter in duration (30 minutes vs. 1 hour) and are less dependant on weightlifting/olympic lifts and more dependant on body weight movements and endurance. The results are a rapid decrease in bodyfat, while experiencing an increase in stamina, endurance and strength. Fat pounds are being shed and inches are being lost. Come check it out. For more info click here.

Open Gym Schedule for Tuesday, August 30th:





Let’s focus on strength during open gym time. CrossFit Total II is coming soon. Don’t be that guy/girl who doesn’t take advantage of open gym time and regrets it on test day! – WW

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4 Responses to BaseFit & Open Gym Schedule

  1. Rob says:

    When was Crossfit Total I?

  2. Rob says:

    Strength work
    Deadlifts 5-5-5
    @ 215-245-280
    then sled pulls 6×60 yards
    4 @ 90# and the last 2 @115#

    Legs were hurtin before this started so tomorrow should feel great! Thanks for making me come in Wayne, and sorry for being a big wuss this week. Haha.

    • WW says:

      Way to make it in. That is the hardest part on those days, but once you were here it was all good! That’s what will make the difference on test days.

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