Saturday Team WOD @ 9am

If all goes as planned tomorrow, Tim Walsh will be bringing us some new toys! Make sure you thank him for his graciousness.

Team WOD – Partner up, then, For time:

200 push-ups with a 25/10 pound plate

Trail run

300 squats

Trail run

200 ABMAT sit-ups

Travel WOD for Road Dogs:

Find some dumbbells in the hotel gym. For time:

100 squat clean thrusters  w/ 35#/20# dumbbells

On the minute, every minute, perform 5 burpees

Video demo here.

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4 Responses to Saturday Team WOD @ 9am

  1. Yvette Mojarro says:

    awesome wod, thanks WW……..
    great wodding with Ms Shelly..she be pushing me!
    our time was 40 something just behind VP and Rog by seconds! DANG!!!!! lol

  2. Cheri says:

    travel WOD 13: 02
    I think I counted my rounds right..brain was a little foggy this morning. 🙂

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