Wednesday, August 16th, 2011


On September 3, 2011 CrossFit gyms across the nation and world will gather together to honor our heroes killed in action August 6, 2011 with a workout in an effort to raise funds for the families affected by this tragedy. All funds received will go to these families through the Navy SEAL Foundation, other like-organizations, & individual family funds. (See the rest of the site here)

CrossFit CrownTown may opt to do the workout prior to the September 3rd date, due to it being a holiday weekend. We’ll do this hero workout in lieu of a Saturday team WOD. I’d like as much participation as possible. As more details become available, I will update everyone.


Skill – HSPU

WOD – 3 Rounds for Time of:

45/25 pound plate Waiter Walk, 100 meters, right arm

30 straight legged ABMAT sit-ups

45/25 pound plate Waiter Walk, 100 meters, left arm

30 good mornings, 45/25 pound plate

Cool down – max double unders in 2 minutes


*Remember all CrossFit style workouts are scalable/modifiable to each individual’s fitness level


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17 Responses to Wednesday, August 16th, 2011

  1. Brett says:

    Hey Just confirming I can register under Crossfit Crowntown. It says the shirt will be sent to the Box… Just making sure were in the system…

  2. Tim W says:

    16:37 Rxd
    21 DU’s

  3. I vote for next weekend for the WOD since it’s the only weekend I’m home until September 16th!

  4. Michelle P. says:

    Fun Day 🙂

    21:21 rxd

  5. Yvette Mojarro says:

    wod 17:54 rxd
    18 DUs
    yea it was fun – falling on our butts, face plants and hands going numb!!!!

  6. Rob says:

    Damn were outta town the 27th but here the 3rd.

    • WW says:

      Sorry to hear that, Rob. It is hard accommodating everybody. Can I suggest an open gym make-up sesh on August 30th? You can still get the t-shirt and honor the fallen heroes…There may be a few others that end up having to make it up and I could organize a weekday make up.

  7. shelly Vander Velde says:

    16:02 rxd
    58 du’s

  8. Bri W says:

    Did baseFit tonight and it was great one! 14:52 I believe 🙂 good work BaseFit!

  9. Sonia says:

    21:11 RX
    76 DU – Yeah Me! Need more WOD with DU’s…LOL

  10. 18:38 rx’d
    Good times!

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