July 31st, 2011 – update

The Stadium at the Home Depot Center

2011 Reebok CrossFit Games

Thanks for checking in. I wanted to take a second to give everyone an update, as to what the status of the gym opening is. Fortunately, we got keys to the space on Friday. YES! Thanks to the help of a few close friends to Crown we were able to get most of the equipment moved in. We’re going to work diligently this week to get the gym fully functional. The main piece of equipment we are waiting on is the pull up rig. This is no ordinary pull up rig. It is going to be 60′ long, we’ll be able to do bar work, muscle ups and use it as a rack for weightlifting, too! In the mean time, I am working to finalize the opening schedule plans for CrossFit classes and BaseFit classes. I suggest you subscribe to the blog in order to receive the updates straight away (It’s in the footer at the bottom of the home page). Last, but not least, there will be some pricing specials to support the opening of Crown, so stay tuned for those. Talk to you soon. – WW

This is one of my favorite video’s from CFHQ to answer the question, “What is CrossFit?”

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4 Responses to July 31st, 2011 – update

  1. James says:

    Sweet video! I look frwd to the opening.

  2. Dana Rey says:

    Super motivational video!! Makes me want to push this kid out ASAP so I can work out! Congrats on the new gym. I saw my bro scetching out the pull up bar contraption last night! Things are looking good for you and Bree! Keep up the motivation!

    • WW says:

      Thanks for the note, Dana. You’ll be back in no time. Good luck with a healthy delivery and keep us posted. See you soon!

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